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       Founded in 2012, Shandong AID Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mining connecting links and picks of China. Over the years, Shandong AID is dedicated to continuous innovation of manufacturing technology, and the “AID” brand has become an internationally recognized quality mark of cutting picks and connecting links.
       As one of the famous manufacturers of mining accessories in China, Shandong AID mainly deals with high-end connecting links and high-strength wear resistant chain tooling. High-end connecting link products include 28 specifications and models of 5 series, namely flat curved tooth connecting link, flat zigzag connecting link, V-lock vertical connecting link, chain-lock horizontal connecting link and clamp, each of which has national mine safety sign. The cutting pick series include over 80 products of cutting pick , pick sleeve and pick box that applicable to different underground coal beds and rock stratums. In particular, the high-strength wear resistant cutting pick is specially designed and developed by AID for severe geological conditions where rock hardness is over F10, and is well praised by customers. It can be matched with the heading machines and coal cutters manufactured by world well-known enterprises, such as KOMATSU, Sandvik, etc.
       After years of research, exploration and technological innovation, Shandong AID has established perfect mining product design and manufacturing system and quality assurance system, thoroughly broken the pattern of key parts dependent on import, and built up the core competitiveness of domestic connecting links and picks.
       In close cooperation with various scientific research institutions, colleges and universities of China, Shandong AID has actively explored application of advanced technologies of mining accessories, created 11 patents for utility models and one patent for invention of cutting pick, and maintained connecting link and pick manufacturing process at the leading level of China. Furthermore, the company has passed CNAS quality management system certification (ISO9001), environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification and other authoritative certifications.
       All connecting link and pick products are manufactured in workshops of the headquarters. The company owns advanced manufacturing equipment of high accuracy and efficiency, and has annual production capacity of 100 thousand sets of connecting link and 1 million sets of cutting pick.
       We select high-alloy steel rich in manganese, nickel, molybdenum, chromium and other elements as raw material, design meticulously and use precision machining and AID-developed “carburizing-differential heat treatment” process to improve surface hardness, tensile property and fatigue life of products. With parameters much higher than national standards and up to international standards, our products can be substitutes for imported ones and have broken the monopoly of imported products in the large-size connecting link market.
       Our company has highly sophisticated means of production, strict quality control procedures and continuing monitoring procedures, and performs strict test of each process to ensure quality of products of AID brand. We adhere to the principle that no unacceptable product should leave the factory, so as to ensure each product delivered to customer is acceptable and quality.
       The company pursues the goals of “consummate process and zero quality defect”, follows the business philosophy of “serving coal mine and winning the trust of the industry”, and spares no effects in expanding domestic and foreign markets and building the corporate brand.
       By virtue of skilled staff team, modern and high-precision manufacturing equipment and testing means, Shandong AID provides various advanced mining products and all-round technical solutions for customers, and the chain connects and picks are recognized by several large-size coal industry groups of China.
       Dream building, ingenuity for future!

       AID aims for “excellence, going beyond, stable development and sustainable operation”, and follows the principle that no unacceptable product should leave the factory, so as to ensure each product delivered to customer is acceptable and quality. AID shows its advantages by professional products and reliable services.