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Britain is short of oil, Europe is short of gas, India is short of coal, the energy crisis is sweeping the world, who is behind it?

After entering winter, the prices of natural gas, coal, oil and other energy have soared, and an energy crisis has quietly swept the world. India had a power outage for 14 hours every day some time ago. Even the capital New Delhi may be cut off at any time due to lack of coal. Britain is short of oil, and even cars have no oil to add. The European Union is also very short of natural gas. Electricity prices in many European countries have soared, which not only affects the daily life of the people, but also stops production. Where did such a global energy crisis come from and who is behind it?
This energy crisis is mainly concentrated in Europe. The United Kingdom is short of oil and Europe is short of gas, and many countries are short of electricity, which has a great impact on the development of Europe. European natural gas futures prices have reached a new high, and there has been a serious gas shortage. European natural gas reserves have dropped by 16% compared with the average level of previous years, and they have been facing a serious crisis since September. However, as the price of natural gas continues to rise, it seems that even natural gas cannot be used. Although European countries are anxious, there is no way. At this time, European politicians began to shirk their responsibilities by throwing the pot at each other, directly throwing the pot at Russia, saying that the reason why Europe is seriously short of gas is because Russia deliberately creates an energy gap and wants to grasp the lifeblood of Europe. It looks like a big game that Russia has planned for a long time.

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