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U90 pick

  • U92series coal cutter picks
  • Scope of application: Match coal falling of medium and high power coal cutter rollers
  • Applicable working conditions: Medium-heavy working conditions
  • Wear-resistant layer: Plasma cladding strengthening technology
  • Production process: Advanced automatic brazing and quenching integrated production line
  • Contact information: +86-18663893777
  • Contact address: No. 36, Shenzhen street, industrial park, Haiyang City, Shandong Province
Product details

       U92 mining coal and rock picks, conical picks of JZA90/35 series coal cutter picks. This pick is produced by Shandong AID Industrial Co., Ltd.It is a tool in the coal cutter for breaking rock and falling coal directly. It is mainly used for cutting coals and rocks, and generally installed on the matching coal cutter roller together with the U92 pick sleeve and U92 pick box

 Appearance of cutting picks 
        Fullness of weld joint: The filling degrees in weld joints exceed 95% and no slices fall. There are no pores, impurities, and traces of machining in the weld joints, and the geometric dimensions of batch products are consistent.
        Crack inspection: There are no cracks in the welding joint area of the U92 pick and the joint surface of the solder and the base metal, and no crack may appear at the carbide head.
        Surface appearance: The surface of U92 pick body is smooth and flat without visible cracks, folds, dents and other defects, and anti-rust treatment are processed on the surface of the pick body.
        Petal-shaped pick shoulder: The pick shoulder is made into a petal shape, which can increase the spin force and make the pick wear evenly, prolonging its life.

 Materials of cutting picks 
        Alloy: Hard tungsten-cobalt alloy of international premium brands
        Soldering piece: Tungsten carbide from the United States
        Gear shank: 42GrMo and 42GrMoA of well-known brands. This steel has no temper brittleness, which is of high fatigue limit and multiple impact resistance after modulation.
        Circlip: The pick circlips are all made of high-strength spring steel, which is of excellent wear resistance, and can provide reliable holding force, reduce the costs of pick consumption and improve the effective working time of the heading machine.
 Advantages of cutting picks 
        Long service life: It is 1.5 to 2.5 times of U92 pick of the same brand, and its working efficiency is 2.5 times of U92 pick of the same brand.
        No sparks: It helps to produce safely and does not generate high-temperature sparks.
        Corrosion resistance: It can effectively resist the corrosive working environment, and the picks do not generate high-temperature sparks during the operation process.
        High wear resistance: The wear resistance of U92 pick is much higher than that of domestic brands, reaching the level of imported picks.
        Strong impact resistance: The impact resistance of the pick is much higher than that of similar brands, and it is exported to the United States, Turkey and other countries.