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As one of the famous manufacturers of mining accessories in China
Our company has highly sophisticated means of production, strict quality control procedures and continuing monitoring procedures, and performs strict test of each process to ensure quality of products of AID brand

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pick sleeve and pick box that applicable to different underground coal beds and rock stratums
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Founded in 2012, Shandong AID Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mining connecting links and picks of China. Over the years, Shandong AID is dedicated to continuous innovation of manufacturing technology, and the “AID” brand has become an internationally recognized quality mark of cutting picks and connecting links.
As one of the famous manufacturers of mining accessories in China, Shandong AID mainly deals with high-end connecting links and high-strength wear resistant chain tooling. High-end connecting link products include 28 specifications and models of 5 series, namely flat curved tooth connecting link, flat zigzag connecting link, V-lock vertical connecting link, chain-lock horizontal connecting link and clamp...

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We always have the awareness of risk, self-examination and learning; we are never self-satisfied, constantly ...

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All employees are equal, honest and friendly. Trust
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